Begins with the management of the security department of our client’s company. Our approach is to advise organizations on developing and implementing an overall corporate security strategy and following with the daily work and monitoring.

With the support of our regional and subject matter experts, we review the risks faced by each client on an individual basis according to their areas of operations and the specific threat levels their industry might face.




We have a highly qualified team of professionals who are dedicated to give conferences on security topics to universities, companies, diplomatic bodies and government institutions.

We have different training packages depending on what the client seeks for; we can accommodate a training program that would meet their needs.

Close Protection Courses
Weapons and Tactics
Close Quarter Combat (CQC) training
Driving course
Security awareness training



Our team of Close Protection Officers (CPO) is highly qualified and trained to provide a safe secure environment for our clients.

We create a specific security plan for each one of our clients starting with a specific strategy and different tactics, were we take into consideration all the risk factors in order to deliver a safe environment for them. Our team is qualified to detect, prevent and minimize any risk that threatens the safety of our clients.