Word of Advise “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”

Word of Advise “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”


Before any given scenario, our response will depend on thousands of situational issues on which we don’t have any influence, we can only influence picks and control the fundamental abilities that we have. Movement, cheap mlb jerseys communication, draw a weapon, grip and handle the weapon, use covers and shelters, etc. (the truth, there are a great many etc.). Our “plan” should create responses of the type that saved the airplane, with its passengers and crew, the initial story” of this work. It must provide us cheap nba jerseys with “automatic pilot” type answers, and they must be flexible and adaptable.

Don’t think, Act.

To think on how to respond is not to be able to respond, why? Because plain and simply, we are late. Change our approach and plan for immediate and flexible responses, based on what wholesale mlb jerseys we control, i.e. our capacities, and ourselves is what will expand the “window” of probabilities of survival.

“My skills? I change magazines in 1.8 seconds without looking and I solve an interruption in 1.5 seconds. I am very quick.” Does that ring a bell? I hear that an infinite number of times, and surely you do too. It is easy to plan responses based on our skills in laboratory conditions, or worse and even more V?llingby common, recordings to show us on YouTube. As a matter of fact, we have to push aside a piece of clothing to be able to grasp the weapon, or carry a belt full of equipment from a crowded vehicle, move the jacket to the side to hide our magazines, know why the weapon does not shoot, analyze what I must do, and all that under stress, facing one or several hostile opponents, without forgetting all the problems that Colonel Boyd’s OODA principle showed us.

Am I making things complicated? I regret that reality is not as friendly as we would like. After all of the above, now add to these results one more question, stress so often repeated and its neurophysiological effects.

With all this equation, with so many variables, we find that planning, and pretending to develop such a plan in an orderly, complete conscientious, detailed manner, when the time for the real fight comes, will slow our response. As another old proverb teaches us “the less correct answer is more valuable at the appropriate time, than the perfect one a moment later”.

Plan to cheat, Win Always.

We must train under pressure to polish our skills and procedures, aggressiveness, determination, movements, communication skills, analysis of the environment, effective use of our weapon, deciding correctly almost instantly, among many other questions.

Look for shortcuts during these trainings; in such a way that you can always lay a trap to win whatever happens.  “Trap” does WELCOME not imply being a hired assassin, it involves using any procedure that allows us to win the initiative despite the fact that our actions are reactions to the actions of our adversaries, a curious tongue twister, don’t you wholesale nfl jerseys think?

The “bad guys” will never play by our rules except when they are an advantage for them. So think that the only “fair struggle” is the one in which despite everything we can return home to our loved ones.

Plan aggressiveness, speed, and smoothness, be alert to the informing detail, decide quickly, be cold when survival is the prize, and create surprise instead of being Sustainable surprised. Do not plan where to place your right foot in each case, but where to place it in any situation.

As I already discussed in other works, accuracy is one of the most important points in a conflict, but is not really the first on the list. What is really a priority and it is difficult, is to make effective decisions in hundredths of a second under stress. And for that the only word that we must put in our tactics ipsum and thick heads is “adaptation”.

Everything we have discussed reaches us through the loop we have already talked about and defined by the OODA acronym; Observe, Orient, Decide and Act.  We must plan our trainings so that when reality shows we can overcome social, legal, moral prejudices, denial and disbelief, and the resistance to move. Plan the training in detail so that when the real conflict appears we can be flexible and adaptable.

With this we will be able and skillful at the subconscious level, responding instantly, without thinking, but always in an orderly, efficient and accurate manner.

Conclusion? Without analysis there is no conclusion.

The pilot of the story that begins this work planned in detail during the training phase, therefore he was able to react effectively on the day he needed to. Did he think about his action plan during his event? Obviously not, if he had done so his story would not be an example.

Plan with reality in hand during the prior training, before. This way you may be effectively reactive during any confrontation.

Movement is not only moving your body, not in our to case at least, but also having an able and fluid mind, always in movement.


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