Security at Home VI: Inform and Confront

Security at Home VI: Inform and Confront

By Cecilio Andrade


We will contact the police, or private security, as quickly as possible. It is obvious that they are usually much better equipped and prepared to deal with an intruder, and intruders are usually not eager for confrontations of that type.

To make a response much more efficient, it requires clear and orderly information. Remember that if we call from a cell phone, the location may not be immediately available to the police operator, even on existing GPS-enabled cell phones.

Every armed professional, private, military or police, uses a communication process based on five adverbs, what, where, how, when and why. Home security does not have to use a different system; it does not really differ in much.

  • What? – Report what is happening, we have an intruder or are trying to enter the house.
  • Where? Physical address and location within the home are essential. The location of the intruder/s if known is the second point.
  • How? The fact that you are armed and behind a barricade are very important to the operator.
  • Your description? That of yourself and your loved ones, as well as the situation behind the barricade.
  • Description of the intruder/s? If we have such identifying information it can be very valuable for responding professionals, remember that any information will be useful. Under no circumstances should you restrain your evasion for a more accurate description.


The number of variables that a confrontation has is unlimited, we may be forced to shoot, it is possible that the threats flee before those shots, or before seeing us armed and ready. There are as many scenarios as real cases in history.

Alert the intruders that we are armed and waiting, in my opinion, is to give them benefits they do not deserve or thank. We will inform them where we are located and what to expect, too much information, and this will give them an advantage.

Perhaps, if we are perfectly sheltered in a solid and well-protected room, it may be an option, to save time, to warn them not to enter and leave the house.

At best, police or private security personnel will come to the rescue, but it is something that may be delayed more than desirable, so it is better to be prepared to act decisively and forcefully. We are not the invaders, we are the defenders of what is ours and our loved ones, and we do not choose this situation.

The five principles of home defense that we have just reviewed in the last few articles are the basis for creating your defense plan in case an intruder attempts or really gains access to your home. Developing each point is a book in itself, and no doubt going to professional courses is the best decision to face these undesirable situations.

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