Security at Home V: Armed in the Barricade

Security at Home V: Armed in the Barricade

By Cecilio Andrade


We cannot escape; we cannot abandon our loved ones, it is time to arm ourselves with the firearm we bought for defensive purposes. But … Where do we keep it; and, is it loaded or not?

Living alone, with and adult partner, with children, with people with psychiatric problems, all those variables will qualify the where and how to keep a weapon to defend our home.

A secure and controlled safe box is the best solution normally. Located in an easily accessible place and in an area of the house where we are most of the time. The choice of weapon is as variable as tastes, skills, available market, etc.

A flashlight should be located next to it along with a spare loaded magazine; at least, I personally never have less than three full magazines.

  • We will not always be interested in illuminating something at the same time that we aim with our weapon, a son bleeding for example.
  • It requires great manual coordination to use a flashlight on/off button underneath, while pushing and using a gun in the same hand.
  • The flashlight in the other hand can act as a weapon itself.

Equipping that flashlight with a ring to attach it to our index finger of the support hand can help us have a free hand, with which to perform actions like searching, touching to check if one of ours is injured, reload, solve an interruption, etc. and all this without losing the flashlight.

A key element that is often forgotten, despite being almost the soul of the 21st century, is the telephone, a cell phone. That is why we must place our cell phone on the bedside table or even place an old cell phone, with a charged battery, in the same safe box where we put our gun and flashlight.


One premise that must be considered as an absolute truth is that any obstacle, a barricade in this case, is as effective as the decision with which we use our weapons to defend it.

In tactical courses for civilians so fashionable these days, they are looking to move in a “cool” and operative way, they sell more and everyone is happy when going home. In general, in this case, and except for very specific situations, I do not advocate moving in such a confined and flimsy environment as a typical home. If we also wait for help in a matter of minutes, knowing that criminals are not looking for a long confrontation that anchors them and prevents them from stealing and leaving, the question is obvious, to resist after protecting our decision, weapon and barricade.

When we position ourselves it is imperative that we stay in the direction of the attack, which will give us the greatest opportunity to act effectively before being detected by the threat.

The location should be the furthest point from which we can cover the aggression with our firearm beyond the reach of your arms. A strong and solid obstacle will certainly help us protect ourselves.

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