Security at Home I

Security at Home I

By Cecilio Andrade

Lord Edward Coke shaped in a phrase the basis of what we all really thought about our home, “A man’s house is his castle.” For most people thinking about personal protection is mainly based on how to stay safe outside of their homes. That if you really think about what can happen to them outside, that is certainly a matter for another article.

The vast majority of crimes against citizens appear to occur outside the home, and it seems that home-invasion robberies are less frequent, although, unfortunately, they often end up in much worse ways.

The reality is that statistics that refer to “home invasion” and “crimes against property” have steadily increased. There is a greater statistical probability that a household will receive a home invasion rather than a fire, for example.

Unfortunately, many invasions of this type that seek theft end up becoming much more intentional violent crimes, such as rape and / or murder against anyone present in the home at that time.

Also, unfortunately criminals learn and improve in their skills and techniques honest civilians do not.

Security rings at home

In almost all areas of professional security, private, executive, police, military, etc., there is talk of security rings it is nothing new. Home security is no less; we also have rings. The basis of home security should consist of concentric rings of defense, with a viable plan of response to any type of unauthorized entry.

The outer ring will seek to discourage potential criminals from considering our residence as a feasible target. If a home seems to be well prepared, so it may involve risks and efforts, even finding resistance, most friends of others will rule it out for easier and less prepared goals.

A very important factor of the outer ring is keeping the perimeter of the home free of debris, thus providing any member of the family with a good view of the access points of the home. We must not provide criminals with objects or landscapes that they can use to hide or mask themselves. Hedges and gardens should be well trimmed and not excessively large or generators of shaded areas.

We will have a strong and elevated lighting around the perimeter of the house, especially above and / or near the points of entry. As the outer illumination is the first physical and distant ring, it will be elevated beyond reach, allowing the greatest possible distance, physically and legally permissible. We will use this lighting to eliminate the shadows created by the architecture of the house and its surroundings, eliminating any potential hiding place in which criminals can wait until they decide to access the property.

Alarm devices with motion sensors located in windows and patios, a trained and alert dog, along with a vigilant neighborhood are also part of the outer rings that end up discouraging the selection of a target.


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